#16 At least I… have more to show you

November 24, 2009

There will be some of you arriving on this site thanks to my piece on the Guardian website or my haranguing of your workplace… Hello.

In honour of your attendance I thought I might just post a few links to recent stuff I’ve done other than this blog. Shameless (but necessary) self-promotion is becoming a bit of a habit.

 Pixie Lott interview

Julian Casablancas review

Les Plastiscines gig review

Thanks for reading


5 Responses to “#16 At least I… have more to show you”

  1. Katie Says:

    Dear Tom

    I utterly empathise. I’m currently studying for a diploma in Broadcast Journalism at Cardiff after three years of the futile journalism job search. I was luckily employed at the time. However I am still yet to be successful at any job interview I go for. I just got turned down for a job as a telephone answerer at the BBC.

    My feature for the end of term is on unemployment so I may be in touch soon for some material!

    Best of luck with it all and keep us all posted with how you get on. The publicity stunt is a stroke of genius. As journalism jobs continue to be mauled, why not create your own?


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Good on ya son. Hope you find a job

  3. ben Says:

    Hi Tom,

    I totally empathise, and kudos for putting yourself out there like this – when I was first looking for work I wrote to and phoned everywhere I could think of that might possibly be connected with what I do. My Dad tells me that at the beginning of his journalistic career he wrote to every newspaper in the country: you might well wish to consider starting out at regional rather than national level.

    I think that you would be best served by getting as qualified as possible in your chosen field, even before you get your first job. Qualifications show that other people have looked over your work and consider it to be of acceptable quality, and together with the experience you are building up should prove very useful. The shorthand course sounds great, but why wait for someone else to pay for it? Get a career development loan or similar.

    I would highly recommend you read Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends and influence people” to help develop people skills and learn to capitalise on opportunities.

    Good luck!


  4. jordon trapp Says:

    Time to head back to the Badger I think 😀

  5. Lizzie Says:

    Hi Tom,

    I loved the ‘talent beans’ idea in your Casablancas piece, made me laugh out loud- well done!

    I completed an NCTJ course after my degree from Leeds Uni the year before last, since then, I’ve set up an interactive arts blog and partnered with galleries to host exhibitions, had two weeks at The Times and work experience at Radio 4, aswell as writing pretty much constantly for print magazines and online, all for free!

    Pretty tough… however, recently I applied for a job from journalism.co.uk jobs section as a news correspondent for an online agency, for which I’ve had to do exams pretty similar to the NCTJ ones, and have an interview on friday…

    …My point is, I had to expand my job search, surely there aren’t many in print features jobs on papers (most of which are filled internally anyway)- so why not keep yourself busy with a b2b publication, online agency or maybe PR? These would all set you up to then apply for vacancies which require experience of a year or more?

    Oh, and a girl on my course got paid £400 for a piece in the Guardian colour supplement- simply by phoning and pitching it to them- maybe if you just bombard them with ideas they’ll cave eventually!

    Good luck and I hope you do well, you deserve it!

    P.S- Very jealous of the Guardian piece!!

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